The Issue

Public assistance programs play a crucial role in supporting individuals in need. However, outdated systems can hinder caseworkers from providing effective services. Siloed data and manual processes create significant challenges in obtaining a comprehensive view of each client’s situation, leading to gaps in care and support.

The Challenge at Butler County Job and Family Services

Butler County Job and Family Services is committed to providing their community with the highest care and dedication. However, their legacy case management systems and processes posed significant obstacles. Crucial information and processes were spread across multiple systems and paper files, making it time-consuming and difficult for caseworkers to immediately address and respond to each client’s situation. This fragmentation meant they couldn’t always provide the personalized assistance they wanted to deliver quickly and efficiently.

Our Solution

Butler County Job and Family Services has partnered with to implement an advanced AI-powered voucher database system to address a pressing issue. Our innovative solution has transformed their operations by providing caseworkers with a 360-degree view of each client. By integrating data from various sources into a cohesive system, empowers its team with the insights to understand and fully address their clients’ needs. With this integrated data approach, they can deliver personalized care more effectively than ever.

Additionally, our system’s automation capabilities have reduced the need for caseworkers to handle manual tasks, enabling them to concentrate on what’s most important – enhancing people’s lives. Through the innovative technology provided by, Butler County Job and Family Services is improving its services, supporting families, and ensuring that children have the best possible start in life. Our system plays a crucial role in helping them achieve their goal of promoting the well-being of every community member.

Our Commitment

At, we are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation. Our partnership with Butler County Job and Family Services is a testament to this commitment, ensuring they provide their community with the highest care and support.


“Implementing’s voucher database system has been a game-changer for us. Our caseworkers now have a complete, integrated view of each client, which allows us to provide more personalized and effective services. The automation of manual tasks has freed up valuable time, enabling our team to focus on the core mission of improving lives. We have seen a significant positive impact on our ability to serve the community better and more efficiently.’s technology has truly empowered us to fulfill our mission of promoting the well-being of every community member.”

– Barbara Fabelo, CFO, Butler County Job and Family Services

Through our innovative solutions, is proud to empower public assistance programs to serve their communities better and improve lives.