Uniting for Health: Using an SDOH Framework for Continuous Quality Improvement

TBD, 2023
Marriott Cincinnati North
6189 Muhlhauser Rd., West Chester, OH 45069

Together, health care and social care providers will explore best practices for partnering across organizations to improve SDOH. Speakers will address trends in health care quality improvement, including leveraging AI to unite health care and social care on one centralized platform.

Have you ever wondered how to:

  • Address social determinants of health (SDOH) at healthcare clinics.
  • Deploy an SDOH framework at hospitals through a partnership with local social care providers.
  • Use an AI-backed system for state and federal programs to address SDOH.

At C3S’s 2023 Symposium, healthcare and social care providers will unite to explore best practices for partnering across organizations to improve SDOH. In addition, speakers will address healthcare quality improvement trends, including leveraging AI to combine healthcare and social care on one centralized platform.


Designing a Transformed Health Care System

Achieving Real Value-based Health Care

Local providers can partner in health care transformation from hospitals to clinics to government agencies. If you are a health care or social care provider and would like to share how you’ve leveraged an SDOH framework to collaborate on community health, please reach out to discuss speaking opportunities

The Time has Come to Partner for Health

Who Should Attend?

Healthcare Payors

Approximately 900 health insurance companies from commercial and managed care companies offer more than 67% private and 33% public health care. Therefore, these companies are interested in identifying and collecting SDOH data for population health.

Healthcare Providers

Health care providers include hospitals, doctors, nursing staff, clinics, nursing homes, medical practitioners, nutritionists and dieticians, and many more.



Social Care Providers

Social care providers are the cornerstones of our society. They include but are not limited to non-profit agencies providing food, housing, transportation, clothing, juvenile justice, mental health, head start programs, case workers, social care workers, program managers, and executive directors.