Population Health Takes a Coordinated Community Approach

From food insecurity to lack of transportation, patients’ social care needs directly impact their ability to effectively manage their acute and chronic conditions. For this reason, population health managers must look beyond their clinic walls to help elevate the health and well-being of their communities.

Fortunately, coordinated care management is now easier than ever. C3S’s patient-centered care app allows individuals to identify their risks, locate crucial social services, and easily communicate with their integrated network of community partners. Through C3S, social care and healthcare agencies can proactively work together to maximize their collective impact.

C3S’s advanced social needs…

The Future of Healthcare AI is Here

C3S advanced social needs screening tool, powered by cutting-edge healthcare AI, flags patients of all ages for health and social risks, including those they may not have personally identified. In approximately 30 seconds, the care management intake process generates resiliency and ACE scores to promote individualized, coordinated healthcare and social care management.

Our streamlined screening approach improves the patient experience by reducing unnecessary paperwork and processing across the health and social care system.

Population Health Analytics at Your Fingertips

C3S’s powerful database of physical and mental health profiles, paired with all patient interactions, is securely stored within C3S’s cloud-based platform – accessible by any computer or device. This means no more digging for data and no more silos within your organization or even community. Integrate C3S with electronic medical records for a complete care manager software solution.

Leverage C3S’s robust data analytics to improve health equity and social outcomes for populations most at need. More holistic and accurate data enables you to quickly identify community needs, track trends, and report healthcare quality outcomes.

Addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

C3S’s community resource referral platform seamlessly connects patients to the resources they need to improve and maintain their health.

Our coordinated care network drives quality improvement by directly addressing patients’ social determinants of health, from unemployment to low literacy. Teachers, social workers, caseworkers, and health care providers can powerfully partner to make meaningful referrals and track progress on the dashboard.

Driving Patient Engagement through Personalized Communication

Patient engagement is a key component of healthcare quality improvement and care gap closure. Every patient touchpoint provides an opportunity to boost encouragement, accountability, and social capital for at-risk and vulnerable populations.

Through the click of a button, organizations can utilize C3S’s HIPAA-compliant coordinated care software to check in with patients via SMS or instant messaging. Our group text message feature also makes it simple to connect patient populations with meet-ups and other free resources specifically tailored to their needs.

Better patient communication may also enhance your organization’s CAHPS efforts. Whether you’re seeking to improve your patients’ perceptions of provider communication or office staff friendliness, C3S’s messaging capabilities make it easy to deliver an excellent patient experience, always.

Coordinated Care System
Care Coordination System
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Who is using C3S?


Even the best modern medicine can’t help a person living in a food desert or violent neighborhood. C3S allows primary care providers, managed care companies, and other payers and practitioners to connect their patients to social resources for malnutrition, abuse, and more.

Social Care

With a comprehensive view of clients’ risks and well-being, social care agencies can build powerful community partnerships to help move individuals from poverty to self-sufficiency. C3S’s data analytics make it easier than ever to address clients’ needs and identify trends to enhance future services. Our cloud-based platform also allows organizations to pull key data for social impact reports, which can help encourage funding and other community support.

Schools and Churches

An educator’s influence often extends beyond the classroom. With a C3S profile, teachers, administrators, and counselors can more easily connect students with needed resources from local non-profits and other agencies.

Churches can also utilize C3S for community outreach, including partnering with other religious organizations to maximize their social impact.



Step 1
Link Patients to the App

Promote C3S to your patients for personal use or utilize your staff for patient assistance with registration and intake.

Community Health Organizations

Step 2
Invite Others to Join

Invite your community partners to create their own profiles and connect with you. Create your own hyper-local/hyper-effective network.

Community Health Organizations
Community Health Organizer

Step 3
Streamline Your Services

A HIPAA-compliant feature allows your patients to securely share information with you or partner agencies. Your patients’ full histories – including interactions with you – are in one centralized, encrypted location.

Spend time helping people, not doing paperwork.

What others are saying…

C3S is changing the way that networks of social and healthcare providers connect with patients. See what our clients are saying:

Karin Maney

Executive Director, Community Building Institute, Middletown, OH

We are using a family-centered service model, and C3S helps us understand how each family is being served. C3S APP helped us to implement data collection tools at kiosks throughout the organization’s dispersed service locations. Using cloud-based C3S solutions, the organization’s entire team can now enter, track, and share client information within one convenient tool as families navigate through their full menu of services and supportive programs. As CBI prepares to respond to individual grant funding requests, C3S provides simple and effective ways to combine and analyze data across its major program areas and to parse specific program and client details out to identify outcomes and track needs.

Jeffrey A. Diver

Executive Director, SELF, Hamilton, OH

People living in marginalized communities often struggle to develop reliable social capital. By employing the best technology to bring organizations together, C3S serves as an invaluable, intelligent tool for organizations that want their clients to move to self-sufficiency.
Few organizations can provide for every client’s need, so they inevitably must call upon their community partners to ensure the people they help get the care they need. Unfortunately, this means that clients often must go through hours registering and getting processed at new institutions, which can add unnecessary stress to their already stressful situations. C3S addresses these problems by cutting down on onerous registration times and making it easy to refer to providers in the network. And C3S empowers individuals to access resources via their smartphones.

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