Medicine isn’t always the only cure.

Treating a patient’s diabetes with medication can be a very helpful intervention. Empowering them to improve their diet through education and assistance can be, too.

Health practitioners may not have the time or resources needed to uncover and address underlying social issues, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important health concerns. When it comes to things like education and food assistance, community partnerships are crucial.

What are social determinants of health (SDOH)?

From social support networks to the availability of healthy food, a person’s surroundings greatly impact their health. Such environmental factors are known as “social determinants of health”, or SDOH.

We recognize that improving healthcare requires not only treating the symptoms, but also addressing the root causes of health inequities. As a care management platform, C3S connects patients with targeted healthcare and social services within a single, holistic app This lets us allow providers a better understanding of their patients’ circumstances, and empower people to find the help they need.

Empower the whole community with C3S.

Promote self-sufficiency

Individuals can search for the help they need, fill out ONE intake form, and securely send it to corresponding social and healthcare services-all from the comfort of their own home.

Improve coordinated care

Automating the social and healthcare process makes it more efficient to better serve more people. Collaborative tracking encourages accountability, preventing people from slipping through the cracks.

Build resilience

Early interventions and a supportive environment are key to promoting resilience-an effective way to improve wellness. C3S uses healthcare Al technology to help forecast future risks and in-app, communication to provide instant accessible patient engagement, even when face-to-face interactions aren’t possible.

User accessibility

Most people in the United States have access to a mobile device, making them one of the simplest ways to get C3S technology into the hands of those who need it.

Android, iOS & browser compatible

3-in-1 functionality

Whole-person health support

With less paperwork and one streamlined platform, getting support is more convenient than ever. C3S makes it easy to connect with community agencies and share information, empowering users to proactively manage all aspects of their healthcare.

Community resource referrals

It often takes multiple agencies working together to help address social determinants of health, so communication among partnering agencies is essential for both individuals and the community.

C3S gives agencies quick and easy access to their patients as well as one another.

Population health data analytics

C3S is a powerful database for social and healthcare organizations, allowing them to track which services their patients need based on personal history and common risk factors.

These data analytics can also help agencies demonstrate their impact to advisory councils, boards, and other crucial audiences.

Free . Intuitive . Easy-to-use

How does it work? Read Mia’s story to find out.

Step 1

Finding help

Mia reaches out to Taylor’s organization for help, either in person, over the phone, or through the C3S app.

Step 2

Getting the story

Taylor walks Mia through the C3S intake questionnaire. It generates an ACE score and future health risks, allowing Taylor to offer care that is proactive rather than reactive.

Step 3

Making referrals

The C3S referral process takes only seconds. Taylor can search for agencies in the area, refer Mia, securely send her full history, and communicate with partner agencies-all through the app.

Step 4

Getting help

With the Personal Help Dashboard, Mia knows exactly what to do next. Both Taylor and Mia can see responses in real-time and follow up if there are any issues.

Step 5

Tracking progress

Every interaction is captured within C3S to make it easy for Mia and her entire care team to stay on the same page. Communication is seamless through in-app SMS text or instant messaging.

Are you ready to make a difference?

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