C3S Ai-driven Population Heath Care Coordination and Case Management System for Non-profits

Why Choose C3S Intelligent Case Management & Care Coordination System

At C3S, we’re redefining and reshaping care coordination and case management to better suit your needs to serve your clients and make your life easier.
C3S empowers you to a) support the entire client interaction —from intake through assessment, analysis, referral, follow-up, networking, and reporting; b) be fully customizable; c) network diverse organizations, systems, and resources; and d) empower individuals and communities. Because it’s time you deserve an advance technology to help you.

What to Expect from c3s

  • Provides a fully customizable intake process that includes integrated assessment instruments that can be changed to fit the needs of the organization
  • Create dynamic intake process – customize intake to fit your needs, they way you like it
  • Search for resources and make instant referrals
  • Analyze assessment results, produce reports for funders
  • Share HIPAA compliant notes, to-dos specific to clients
  • Create comprehensive reports
  • Create your own provider network

Support at Every Step

Our staff will be right there with you every step of the way-from intial login to customizing your intake process -to help you make your every day case management easier.

Jeffrey Diver, Executive Director, SELF Hamilton, OH


“People living in marginalized communities often struggle to develop reliable social capital. By employing the best technology to bring organizations together, C3S serves as an invaluable, intelligent tool for organizations that want their clients to move to self-sufficiency.”

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The C3S software is the product of a multi-year journey to apply Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge software technology to advance the health, legal, and well-being of vulnerable and marginalized communities, optimize the capacity of organizations and agencies to serve them, and empower the unempowered.