It takes multiple partners to improve the health of someone who is struggling. C3S is a holistic solution connecting people with social care services and healthcare providers, empowering them to actively pursue wellness. The efficiency, transparency and accountability that technology provides prevents people from getting lost in the system.


With a GPS-enabled search feature, people can instantly see local nonprofits, churches and other agencies in the category they need. They can also enter their information ONCE, then share with the HIPAA-compliant share feature.


Through AI-analytics and a simple intake questionnaire, C3S not only reveals an individual’s needs, it also generates an ACE score and future health risk assessment. Doctors, social workers and teachers can instantly see a snapshot of a person’s history to better understand the barriers keeping them locked in destructive cycles.

C3S also helps nonprofits better understand their own stories by allowing them to store all client information in a centralized, encrypted database. In minutes they can pull meaningful data that communicates their impact to donors for continuous funding.


Referrals take seconds in the C3S app, which means a nurse can refer a malnourished patient to a food pantry, or a nonprofit can refer a client to a mental healthcare provider. Agencies can build their own encrypted, hyper-local networks and securely share information. If there isn’t availability in the immediate area, the search can be expanded to neighboring communities.