14 different organizations in the north of Florida have joined together to form a Vaccine System of Care (VSOC) linked by the C3S AI platform. The VSOC aims to address disparities in the rates of COVID-19 vaccinations in north Florida’s African-American population by deploying agencies and personnel who can both inform the public about the need for vaccinations and address any hesitancies in African-American adults and youth. Patients would only need a single contact in the system to gain access to every organization in the network instantly; providers within the VSOC can refer someone to an appropriate organization with the touch of a button.

Over 35 Community Health Workers (CHWs), Youth Peer Advisors and other participants (businesses, health professionals, and non-medical professionals alike) will be provided with C3S’s case management platform to facilitate identification and referral to services in the community vital to the health and well-being of the clients they are serving. Organizations in the Vaccine System of Care include the Population Health Consortium of Northeast Florida, the Jacksonville Urban League, the Northeast Florida Medical Society, the Duval County Medical Society, and the University of Florida Urban Health Alliance.

The VSOC and its member organizations understand that health disparities emerge from a complex cross-section of social determinants. These determinants range from access to reliable healthcare to the quality of local education to an area’s economic stability to the quality of life in a given neighborhood. As such, there is no cookie-cutter solution for addressing vaccine disparities in marginalized communities. Instead, all factors must be considered, and numerous groups need to collaborate to improve people’s lives.

SDOH, Collaboration, and Technology

As we’ve discussed before, no single organization or firm can provide for every client’s needs. This often entails an onerous amount of travel to and interaction with multiple agencies to meet their necessities for people in underserved communities. Medical care and access to vaccines is no exception—an AI-powered network like north Florida’s new VSOC curbs agency time by centralizing registration. Furthermore, linked organizations can communicate and refer services seamlessly. Care providers can also share notes and information about clients instantly (with the client’s permission, of course), allowing for a quick method of coordinating care.

Plus, by registering with the C3S intelligent device app, clients can easily access reliable, medically valid information on vaccines from their trusted providers. The app can also point them to nearby sites that provide safe vaccine shots for free. Imagine quickly accessing a whole collaborative of medical services in your pocket and having the capability to contact them for assistance immediately.

The north Florida Vaccine System of Care is one of the most significant collaborations in C3S’s history, and we hope that it will stand as an example for even more complex systems in the future. If you would like to learn more about the C3S platform, please use this contact form to reach out.